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Trust, responsibility, and integrity are the ingredients of our service

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Mission Statement

To provide cost-effective direction, support, and technology solutions for VOC, HAPs, and NOx air emission compliance.

Klaus Equipment Company offers the teamwork approach as a manufacturers' representative. We work very closely with the engineering department of our principals to design a purpose-suited system specifically for your application.  Often we combine technologies and products from several sources, making our firm a single-source supplier for all of your air emission control and energy utilization needs.

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We are here to join your team to find the most cost-effective technology solutions for your air quality challenges.






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Packaged Combustion Systems

Introducing Process Combustion Corporation's line of Packaged Combustion Systems (PCS).  These pre-engineered, standardized combustion systems have been designed to perform in a variety of applications with impressive fuel efficient, VOC destruction, and a compact footprint.  Each model was created with respect to common flow rates and compositions from a variety of industries.  The PCS Series of thermal oxidizers are also ideal for biogas, landfill gas, and digester gas.

Engineering Support

  • Cost-effective engineering and process support available.


  • Recommend the right solution for the application.

Emission Control

  • State-of-the-art for emission control.

  • VOC DRE:  99.9999%

  • NOx:  < 1 ppmv

  • HAPs: < 1 ppmv

Energy Conservation

  • Heat recovery options fit for the purpose of the application.

  • Steam, hot oil, combustion air up to 90% recovery.

Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers

An example of designed reliability is PCC's Quick Switch, air sealed indexing valve.  This valve ensures reliability, high performance, and less headacehs for plant personnel.  The 4-way valve uses an air seal instead of less effective, maintenance-intensive mechanical seals which are prone to leaking.  The valve jas only 1 moving part that rotates in 90 degree intervals.

  • Rotary Single Valve

  • Freeze-Proof Operation

  • Superior to Poppet Valves

  • Eliminates High-Wear, Mechanical Seal

  • Reduced "Puff"

Heat Recovery Technology

​Heat recovery makes sense when you are combusting a waste VOC fume stream.  A return on investment can be less than one year.  Arvos Schmidtsche Schack has been supplying heat exchanges for the past 60 years.