Product Offerings

Process Combustion Corporation
  • Thermal oxidation

  • Recuperative oxidation

  • Flameless oxidation

  • Regenerative thermal oxidizer

  • Dual-biophase oxidizer

  • Carbon back-up system

Arvos Schmidtsche Schack
  • Waste heat boilers

  • Process gas coolers

  • Chanel type recuperators

  • Shell and tube heat exchangers

  • Flue gas heat recovery

Warren Environment      
  • Stacks and ductwork for all industrial and power applications

  • Single-wall, dual wall, multi-flue stacks

  • Wind dynamic tuned mass dampers

  • Silencers

Flextech Industries
  • Expansion joints

  • Metal bellows

  • Flexible hose products (metal/PTFE)

  • Evaporation technology for industrial wastewater and landfill leachate

  • Typical energy evaporation costs in the range of $0.01 -0.02 per gallon

  • Water pollution solutions

  • Leachate treatment systems

  • Exhaust recovery for fume incinerators, oxidizers, catalytic converters, industrial ovens, kilns, and furnaces

  • Steam and hot water boilers

  • Fire tube boilers

  • Hot oil heaters

  • Ovens and dryers energy recovery

  • Boiler economizers

  • Coils for heat transfer

  • Steam coil air heaters

  • Water coil heat recovery

  • Replacement coils

  • Landfill gas preheater coils

  • Gas turbine inlet heating/cooling

Industrial Energy Engineering
  • Plant-wide energy mass balance

  • Energy optimization and recovery

  • Fuel utilization efficiencies

  • Oxidation optimization

  • Emission reduction



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Scrubbers and WESP for:


  • Particulates, aerosols, SO3, tars

  • Acid Gases:  SO2, HCl, HR, HBr

  • Ammonia (NH3) and NOx

  • Heavy Metals: Cd, Pb, Hg, As, Ni, Au

  • Dioxins/Furans